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Ai~ from Philippines (website)
Amanda from United States (website)
I love getting the opportunity to meet new people all around the world because I not all the time understand their certain way or life and it`s fun learning new and exciting things.
Amy from United States (website)
Anais from United States (website)
Andrea from United States (website)
Learning about those who are of different backgrounds, religions, tastes, interests, etc. is fascinating to me. It's educational and rewarding to learn about other cultures besides your own.
Anne from Finland (website)
It's simply interesting!
Anne-Sophie from France (website)
Artur737 from Poland (website)
Ashley from United States (website)
"Culture is the sum of all the forms of art, of love, and of thought, which, in the course of centuries, have enabled man to be less enslaved." -- Andre Malraux
Brandika from Philippines (website)
Culture is the reason behind our world's fascinating history and life. Variety is beautiful!
Brittany from United States (website)
Bryan Barbosa from United States (website)
Carol from England (website)
I've always been into archaeology & anthropology, history, mythology, religions, ways of life of various peoples around the world. Our variety fascinates me!
Casi from United States (website)
Catherine from Canada (website)
Chelsea Lynn from Australia (website)
I'm a curious kitty.
Courtney from United States (website)
Cozza from Australia (website)
I love the thought of experiencing and learning new, foreign concepts and traditions that have lasted generations. It's so exciting and fascinating!
Dee from Indonesia (website)
I love culture because it's what makes each and every one of us unique and alive.
Elly from United States (website)
I want to know about the world around me. I want enlightenment.
Elysium from Finland (website)
Emily from England (website)
Emily from England (website)
Enni from Finland (website)
Enni from Finland (website)
Erin Nicole from Please choose... (website)
Eunice from Wales (website)
Faith from United States (website)
Fatima from India (website)
Fru from Italy (website)
Its bright colour. May sound weird, but when I think about the whole set of a culture's costumes, foods and places, all around me becomes incredibly colorful.
Georgie from Australia (website)
I feel that it brings people together. Because of all the differences between people, we might get curious about other cultures or want to get to know more about them. :)
Giada from Italy (website)
Hannah from United States (website)
I love learning about the differences between peoples and the similarities. We are all different, yet we are the same (human)!
Heather from England (website)
It's so diverse, colourful and different. Each culture is unique and it's wonderful to see or learn about other people and their traditions.
Henni S. from Finland (website)
Ingrid from Estonia (website)
Iris from Austria (website)
Isa from Trinidad/Tobago (website)
I like the diversity and richness each culture has to offer, learning about other cultures has been one of the greatest pleasures in my life and my own culture makes up so much of my identity.
Iva from Serbia (website)
Because it's an endless learning resource and a bridge of love and understanding at the same time.
Ivy from United States (website)
It's amazing to see how many ways our race has figured out how to express being human.
Jamie from United States (website)
Jen from United States (website)
Jessica from United States (website)
Jessica from Germany (website)
Joanna from United States (website)
Well I love culture because if we all had the same cultures, it would be a very boring world indeed. The fact that we can share our cultures with other people is a great thing to me :)
Jolina from Philippines (website)
Julie from Canada (website)
Justine from Poland (website)
As it is a very broad concept it's hard to say. Generally I'm interested in other coutries' cultures. I think it's something worth respect.
Karin from Netherlands (website)
Kasli from Trinidad/Tobago (website)
It's fascinating to me, all our different ideals and customs!
Kawenny from Canada (website)
Kelly from England (website)
Korey from United States (website)
Kristen from United States (website)
Kristine from Canada (website)
Lana from United Arab Emirates (website)
Larissa from United States (website)
Lauren from United States (website)
Lauren from United States (website)
Lilly from United States (website)
lol I can't put my love into words, but I'm interested in different ways of life and individuality of people.
Lily Grace from United States (website)
It is a broad and visionary way of showing who and what we are - differences and similarities!
Lola from Brazil (website)
Lucy from Wales (website)
Mariana from Brazil (website)
Because they show how much people are different otherwise the world would be extremely boring.
Marsha from Singapore (website)
Meg from Philippines (website)
It's just so fascinating and interesting! It's our way of life, and through it, we are united in diversity. :)
Megs from England (website)
Micah from United States (website)
Missy from United States (website)
Miya from United States (website)
Nadia from Argentina (website)
Penny Lane from Brazil (website)
Because it's why living and learning is so exciting! Knowing new places, people! Differences rox!
Piiia from Finland (website)
'Cause I love the world of difference!
Potako from Japan (website)
Rachel from United States (website)
I love culture because it brings together so many different people and unites them as one. :)
Raine from England (website)
I love people being different but also appreciating their traditions in contemporary times. It is the golden ink outline for the beauty of our living Earth; it is the cultivating blood that pumps through veins of our soil.
Rainney from United States (website)
Because it's fun experiencing things that are different from what you're used to.
Robine from Netherlands (website)
Samantha from Wales (website)
Sara from Portugal (website)
Sayo from Japan (website)
Sophie from Denmark (website)
Because there are so many different cultures to discover and experience!
Steph from United States (website)
I love to learn how all cultures became different, and how we can come together and share.
Sunday from Spain (website)
Suvi from Finland (website)
Learning about different cultures opens our eyes. Embracing difference is rewarding, fascinating and ultimately liberating when you realize we are not all made out of the same mold.
Tess from United States (website)
I think culture can differentiate us in the same way our color does - it's very potent, and it has it's drawbacks, but like color, it can bring us together.
Tifa from United States (website)
Tiffany from United States (website)
Virginia from United States (website)
It is so interesting to find out what people do in their lifestyle and see how different it is from ours.
Vivi from Chile (website)
Wendelle from Philippines (website)
Xanthania from Germany (website)