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You are currently viewing the first layout for this fanlisting. I wanted to achieve a collage of different cultures and aspects of culture all meshed into one, to reflect each other and show how important and enriching each one was for the vitality of our earth. Well that's what I wanted anyway. ;) Images from the top left hand corner include (with dates where possible):

  1. 1984: Bruce Springsteen with the star-spangled banner behind him: his music and standing in American community represent that fresh, undying dichotomy of hope and dismay in the cultural evolution of the American dream.
  2. A multicultural community holding the key of diversity. Acceptance, tolerance and appreciation of culture is a key to human peace and discovery. As is team-work and understanding everyone's different needs!
  3. Books, books, books! On a golden bookshelf.
  4. 2006: Parisian students protesting the government's proposed CPE ("first employment contract"). The youth culture of protest, politicism, decision and dissent.
  5. 1669: Persian woman dressed in traditional garments and playing traditional music, on an ancient lute.
  6. 2008: Bangladeshi boys sitting on the railroad tracks, biding their time. Illustrating those cultures of youth, child abandonment, discovery, loneliness and togetherness in contemporary times, and in such a national culture.
  7. 1963: American "March on Washington" for jobs and freedom. His picket sign simply saying "Now!" at the bottom illustrates the urgency of protest mixed with the culture of racism during the Civil Rights Movement, and also the non-conformist thought in ideas of love, truth and unity - rather than war, lies and segregation - in healing soceity.
  8. Native American wrapped in Nature and playing the flute, illustrating that rich culture of passive yet overbearingly powerful and omniscient Nature in being the healer, creator and stronghold of human existence.
  9. Spanish bullfighting poster. See the reds, pinks, the pride and determination. Bullfighting is peppered with cultural traditions and concepts in such culturally rich communities (also including Portugal, Mexico, Ecuador, and several other Latin American countries).
  10. Chinese woman walking along the street. Notice her clothes, the deep red colour and proud golden writing painted on the walls. Here is pride and politics all at once, mixed with that urgent speed of her walking - a culture of neccessity and hard work.
  11. Maasai warriors in traditional jump dance (the "adumu"). Performed during the "coming of age" ceremony for a warrior, this dance represents a culture of competition, as well as the richness of African heritage, beliefs and traditional ceremony seen throughout so many African communities.
  12. Ancient Russian writing. Language and culture are deeply intertwined. Some linguists say language defines your culture; some say it is a product of culture. But the richness of a language definitely represents its culture - such as the deeply intricate and detailed Chinese scripts, and that solid, quantifying look and sound of Russian language.

Please note: I am highly grateful to the original photographers for taking, and sharing, their photographs (featured in the manipulated header graphic above) with the world. Please visit the site disclaimer page for more details on the use of this photograph in this layout. Otherwise, please do contact me if you have any queries about the layout in general.

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