what is this fanlisting about?

This website is the only fanlisting listed at TheFanlistings.org dedicated to culture(s) - as a global sociological concept, as well as a more local personality trait - and aims to create the biggest listing of all the fans of this vibrant part of human life.

my love for culture(s)

I want to make people feel at home. I enjoy making people realise their full potential, unveiling their special, unique attributes that define them differently from everybody else, but also make them part of the weird and wonderful fabric of human life. And this realisation of your full potential is what "culture" is defined as for me - the potential of your "human excellence" in education, intellect and training - as well as the potential of your unique position in a broader community, in the diverse fabric of human life.

I love people being different but also appreciating their traditions in contemporary times. The ages that give you social positions, the language that communicates fear and neccessity, the food that accompanies joy and sadness, the seasons that represent gods and emotions, the prayers and dances that celebrate reproduction and death, the music that flows with entertainment and work... and so on.

Different cultures separate different communities from each other, but also unites them in all their passionate differences. Without our different cultures, we would all just be identical, blank canvasses - we would all be clinging to an emptiness, with no unique identity and richness to paint our world. It is the golden ink outline for the beauty of our living Earth; it's the cultivating blood that pumps through the veins of the soil. Transmitted through generations of antiquity and change, culture defines human knowledge of time and space - by dates, discoveries, seasons, years, hours and ceremonies. For these reasons, I want life to continuously thrive and be pumped with our strange and wonderful cultures.

So if you're also an advocate for - or a fan of - the diversity and richness of unique culture, then you can join this fanlisting and add your name to a growing list of people who also adore culture. Prove that you're not the only one!